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Haselmeier is a leading solution provider for subcutaneous self-injection pens. We support companies with smart and customized drug delivery devices for their medicine and offer patients more comfort and independence. Based on our patent-registered platforms for easy self-application and nearly 100 years of experience. How can we help you?

Let´s create the future of connected solutions

Meet our new platform of injection systems and connected solutions. Allowing smart data management for therapy efficiency, offering great opportunities to develop customized solutions for clinical studies and supporting a fast way to connected commercial devices.


The next generation of
subcutaneous self-injection

The all-new D-Flex

Just one pen for many needs

Disposable pen for fixed or variable dosage.

The versatile solution

Allows manual, multiple injections with just one pen.

Safe to use for patients

Easy dose correction to avoid injection errors, unintended dosage and loss of drug.

Perfect for clinical trials

Easy adaptation to different dose requirements.

Supporting therapy efficiency

Allows connectivity and smart data management.

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Let's enable the best subcutaneous therapy

Assist a modern and mobile lifestyle with our easy to handle subcutaneous injection systems. The reliable self-administration pens offer more comfort and independence to the patient and provide a positive aspect for a patient´s health management. Learn more in our Whitepaper and contact us about your customized solution.


Download the Whitepaper about self-administration with subcutaneous injection-systems.


Let´s treat
more efficiently

Let´s provide more convenience and better compliance in osteoporosis treatment. Easy-to-use injection pens can significantly improve the efficiency of therapy, allowing patients to treat themselves safely and discreetly on a long-term basis. Learn more in our Whitepaper and contact us about your customized solution.


Download the Whitepaper about injection pens for osteoporosis treatment.


Let´s simplify a life with diabetes

The innovative D-Flex injection pen is our patient-centered solution for easy subcutaneous self-administration. Patients diagnosed with diabetes type 2 can train a lifelong routine, supported by an injection pen with easy dose setting, also available as connected solution. Learn more in our Whitepaper and contact us about your customized D-Flex injection pen.


Download the Whitepaper about diabetes therapy supported by the new D-Flex.


Let´s discuss therapy efficiency in oncology

Subcutaneous injection is an innovative treatment approach in cancer therapy. The use of injection systems is time-saving, gentler and less stressful for patients compared to conventional infusion treatments. The injection is as effective as conventional infusion treatment, which has been demonstrated in extensive clinical trials1. Overall, an increase in the quality of life and an important basis for a reliable and successful therapy at home.

About us

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Haselmeier is a pioneer of injection pens for subcutaneous application. Today, we are represented in six countries with more than 200 people working on the best smart drug delivery solutions. As a family owned company, we value our clients and long-term cooperation.

To support your success, we develop and manufacture innovative self-injection pens of the highest quality, based on our intellectual property. Our pharmaceutical packaging license also facilitates the production of small and medium-sized volumes for clinical studies.

Our innovation, a smart cap in combination with the D-Flex Injection Pen, makes data accessible to measure therapeutic efficacy. Let´s create it together.

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